Topsecure (BäderIdent®)

The secu­ri­ty lev­el Topse­cure (BäderI­dent®) offers an unam­bigu­ous prod­uct iden­ti­fi­ca­tion, mak­ing it an effec­tive means against prod­uct coun­ter­feit­ing and manip­u­la­tion of every kind.

Available for following tamper proof sealants


  • White


  • Yel­low


  • Red


  • Blue


  • Green


  • Orange


  • Pink


  • White


  • Yel­low


  • Red


  • Blue


  • Green


  • Orange


Fast Dry
  • White


  • Yel­low


  • Red


  • Blue


  • Green


  • Orange


  • Pink


Packaging sizes


Technical data sheet
Safety data sheet

Security level Topsecure (BäderIdent®).

In the fight against prod­uct coun­ter­feit­ing and manip­u­la­tion, indi­vid­ual labelling sys­tems play a more and more impor­tant role. Be it in the auto­mo­bile indus­try, in elec­tron­ics, in machine-build­ing or in pre­ci­sion-engi­neer­ing – prod­uct pira­cy and war­ran­ty fraud have become a grave prob­lem across all markets.

With the secu­ri­ty lev­el Topse­cure (BäderI­dent®) Lack­fab­rik Bäder GmbH & Co. KG offers the per­fect prod­uct and brand pro­tec­tion for your com­pa­ny. Our high­ly inno­v­a­tive sys­tem offers an unam­bigu­ous prod­uct iden­ti­fi­ca­tion, mak­ing it an effec­tive means against prod­uct coun­ter­feit­ing and manip­u­la­tion of every kind

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The new generation of tamper proof sealants.

The secu­ri­ty lev­el Topse­cure (BäderI­dent®) enables a cus­tomer-spe­cif­ic prod­uct iden­ti­fi­ca­tion, mak­ing it an effec­tive means against prod­uct coun­ter­feit­ing and manip­u­la­tion of every kind.
The secu­ri­ty lev­el Topse­cure (BäderI­dent®) is avail­able for our tam­per proof sealants Stan­dard, Zero and Fast Dry.

With the BäderI­dent®-tech­nol­o­gy you always unam­bigu­ous­ly know which seal is yours. It is there­fore ide­al­ly suit­ed for the qual­i­ty assess­ment of your prod­ucts, for the detec­tion of manip­u­la­tion and mis­use and for the defence against recourse claims.


Technology and application.

The secu­ri­ty lev­el Topse­cure (BäderI­dent®) con­tains in low con­cen­tra­tion a new inte­grat­ed addi­tive in the lac­quer sys­tem. The addi­tive is an inor­gan­ic flu­o­res­cent mark­er. The deployed mark­er reacts to radi­a­tion with vis­i­ble and invis­i­ble flu­o­res­cence. The flu­o­res­cence in the vis­i­ble range can be seen with the naked eye. For a more spe­cif­ic proof, the char­ac­ter­is­tic prop­er­ties of the flu­o­res­cence can be mea­sured with a portable device.

Analyse your sealant.

By means of a suit­able analyser, you can always check the authen­tic­i­ty and integri­ty of your prod­uct.
The mea­sure­ment of the mark­er can be done on site at any time with­in sec­onds and is there­fore of high prac­ti­cal use. More­over, the mea­sure­ment of the resul­tant mark­ers can be done with a very low stan­dard devi­a­tion. This makes it near­ly impos­si­ble for coun­ter­feit­ers to forge the particles.

Depend­ing on the appli­ca­tion and con­sump­tion vol­ume you can receive our BäderI­dent® (DNA tam­per proof sealant) in dif­fer­ent con­tain­ers. It is avail­able in 20 ml alloy tubes, in 30 ml and 50 ml car­tridges and in 1 kg cans.

BäderIdent® is offered in cooperation with Polysecure.

The authenticity protection for your components.

Manip­u­la­tion and coun­ter­feit­ing of your prod­ucts do not only endan­ger the rep­u­ta­tion of your com­pa­ny, and through that the trust of your cus­tomers in your prod­ucts, they also har­bor high finan­cial risks. The risk of being held account­able for unjus­ti­fied recourse and dam­age claims is high and the result­ing poten­tial dam­age for your com­pa­ny from that can be considerable. 

The perfect solution.

Proof of authenticity

Brand potec­tion

Proof of opening

Tam­per detection

Unique protection.

Indi­vid­ual and unique DNA-prod­uct code

Endur­ing and resis­tant protection

Sim­ple appli­ca­tion, low costs and min­i­mal space requirement

For the indi­vid­ual pro­tec­tion of your prod­ucts we are hap­py to joint­ly devel­op the right solu­tion for you.

Data security.

For an effec­tive and effi­cient pro­tec­tion of mis­use and manip­u­la­tion, how­ev­er, not only the qual­i­ty and linked to that the pro­tec­tion against forgery of the employed micropar­ti­cles is of impor­tance, but also the safe dis­tri­b­u­tion and the guar­an­teed con­fi­den­tial­i­ty of all cus­tomer-spe­cif­ic infor­ma­tion. Dis­tri­b­u­tion and infor­ma­tion secu­ri­ty there­fore are of the high­est pri­or­i­ty to us. To ensure this, every order pro­cess­ing fol­lows a strict­ly spec­i­fied pro­to­col, where­by a great­est pos­si­ble trans­paren­cy is ensured, enabling a trace­abil­i­ty of every sin­gle pro­duc­tion step.

Order your tamper proof sealant with the security level Topsecure (BäderIdent®) .

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