The technological revolution.

In the fight against product counterfeiting and manipulation, individual labelling systems play a more and more important role. Be it in the automobile industry, in electronics, in machine-building or in precision-engineering – product piracy and warranty fraud have become a grave problem across all markets.

With the BäderIdent® tamper proof sealant Lackfabrik Bäder GmbH & Co. KG offers the perfect product and brand protection for your company. Our highly innovative system offers an unambiguous product identification, making it an effective means against product counterfeiting and manipulation of every kind.

The new generation of tamper proof sealants.

The BäderIdent® tamper proof sealant is an advancement of our classic, the Schraubensicherungslack, and enables a customer-specific product identification, making it an effective means against product counterfeiting and manipulation of every kind.

With the BäderIdent®-technology you always unambiguously know which seal is yours. It is therefore ideally suited for the quality assessment of your products, for the detection of manipulation and misuse and for the defence against recourse claims.

Technologie and application.

The BäderIdent® tamper proof sealant contains in low concentration a new integrated additive in the lacquer system. The additive is an inorganic fluorescent marker. The deployed marker reacts to radiation with visible and invisible fluorescence. The fluorescence in the visible range can be seen with the naked eye. For a more specific proof, the characteristic properties of the fluorescence can be measured with a portable device.

Analyse your own sealant.

By means of a suitable analyser, you can always check the authenticity and integrity of your product. The measurement of the marker can be done on site at any time within seconds and is therefore of high practical use. Moreover, the measurement of the resultant markers can be done with a very low standard deviation. This makes it nearly impossible for counterfeiters to forge the particles.


Our lacquer, your DNA.

Different quantities.

Our BäderIdent® tamper proof sealant is resistant to water, oil and petrol, as well as to diluted acids and alkalines. It is temperature resistant up to 125° C.

Simply stable.

Depending on the application and consumption volume you can receive our BäderIdent® (DNA tamper proof sealant) in different containers. It is available in 20 ml alloy tubes, in 30 and 50 ml cartridges and in 1 kg cans.

The authenticity protection for your components.

Manipulation and counterfeiting of your products do not only endanger the reputation of your company, and through that the trust of your customers in your products, they also harbor high financial risks. The risk of being held accountable for unjustified recourse and damage claims is high and the resulting potential damage for your company from that can be considerable. For the individual protection of your products we are happy to jointly develop the right solution for you.

The perfect solution.

  • Proof of authenticity
  • Brand potection
  • Proof of opening
  • Tamper detection

An efficient and unique protection.

  • Individual and unique DNA-product code
  • Enduring and resistant protection
  • Simple application, low costs and minimal space requirement

Data security.

For an effective and efficient protection of misuse and manipulation, however, not only the quality and linked to that the protection against forgery of the employed microparticles is of importance, but also the safe distribution and the guaranteed confidentiality of all customer-specific information. Distribution and information security therefore are of the highest priority to us. To ensure this, every order processing follows a strictly specified protocol, whereby a greatest possible transparency is ensured, enabling a traceability of every single production step.


Our BäderIdent® tamper proof sealant is available in 7 different colours.















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