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    FAQ - Frequently asked questions.

    General questions

    Bäder® products are available directly from Bäder and through our worldwide network of distributors. Please contact us at +49 (0)711 381607 or send us an email to info@lackfabrik-baeder.de

    All products are made by Lackfabrik Bäder GmbH & Co. KG in Germany.

    All Bäder products are RoHS and REACH compliant.

    All chemical substances used in Bäder prodcuts comply with the Toxic Substances Control Act (positive certification).

    All Bäder products do not contain California Proposition 65 substances.

    All Bäder products are not covered by ITAR (International Trafficking in Armaments Regulations) and EAR (Export Control Regulations).

    Yes, Bäder products are available internationally. Just send us a request and we will help you to locate a suitable distributor.

    Simply send us an email to info@lackfabrik-baeder.de and state your question.

    Product specific questions

    Touch dry and through-drying speed are strongly dependent on the coating thickness and the ambient conditions. However, as a general rule of thumb our Fast Dry range dries to the touch in 30-45 s, our Standrad range in ca. 5 min. and our Zero range in approximately 10 min. 

    The through drying speed is approximately: Fast Dry range 24 hours, Standard range 24 hours and Zero range 4 hours.

    The shelf life our tamper proof sealants depends on the containers that are used (tube, cartridge or can). For tubes the shelf life is 2 years for our Standard range and 6 months for our Zero and Fast Dry range respectively.

    Our tamper proof sealants are best stored between 10-18° celsius.

    Our tamper proof sealants are available in 20 ml tubes, 30/50 ml cartridges and in 1 kg cans. Depending on the order volume we can also offer bigger cartridge or can sizes.

    Depending on the container (tube or cartridge), there are different dispensing tips to choose from.

    You can find these in our accessories section.

    Depending on the order volume custom colors are possible.

    Our Standard and Fast Dry range can be used up to temperatures of 125° C and our Zero range up to temperatures of 90° C.

    Tamper proof sealants from Bäder are used in various industries. As a general rule of thumb they are used wherever there is a need for screw and housing connections. Main industries using our tamper proof sealants are rail, automotive, aerospace, machine building, military and electronics, just to name a few.