schraubensicherungslack secure

Schraubensicherungslack Secure

Fluorescent Tamper Proof Sealant

Due to increased warranty and tampering fraud in almost all manufacturing industries, the demand for safer marking systems has increased steadily over the last few years.  Schraubensicherungslack Secure (fluorescent tamper proof sealant) is our answer to the changing needs of our customers and is the link between our standard Schraubensicherungslack (tamper proof sealant) and our BäderIdent (DNA tamper proof sealant).

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Schraubensicherungslack Secure

Technology und Application.

Schraubensicherungslack Secure (fluorescent tamper proof sealant) contains a hidden security feature which can be made visible through infrared radiation. The mobile and non-destructive testing method used enables an authentication that can be repeated as often as required, which can always be carried out on site and thus without removing the tamper proof sealant from its respective application. Furthermore, it combines all advantages of our standard Schraubensicherungslack (tamper proof sealant) and is characterized by an excellent drying speed as well as a very good adhesion on almost all surfaces.

Depending on the application and consumption volume you can receive our fluorescent tamper proof sealant (Schraubensicherungslack Secure) in different containers. It is available in 20 ml alloy tubes, in 30 and 50 ml cartridges and in 1 kg cans.


You can get our Schraubensicherungslack Secure in two different colours.





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 Alloy tube with 20 ml content

Single tube packed in folding box including extension tip

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