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Universal Schraubensicherungslack Entferner - Tropfflasche

Universal Tamper Proof Sealant Remover

Ideally suited for quickly removing torque sealants (tamper proof sealants).

Easy handling

Universally applicable

Solvent saving

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The Universal Tamper Proof Sealant Remover from Lackfabrik Bäder GmbH & Co. KG is the first tamper proof sealant remover available on the market. It is ideally suited for quickly removing tamper proof sealants. This is particularly relevant in areas where frequent opening of the secured screw, plug or housing connection is necessary.

Our Universal Tamper Proof Sealant Remover is a viscous solvent mixture which is applied dropwise to the screw lock varnish and washed off with a suitable solvent (e.g. acetone or butyl acetate) or the Bäder Universal Diluent after approx. 30 minutes of exposure.

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