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    1. Reason for inquiry
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    1. Reason for inquiry
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    탬퍼 프루프(tamper proof) 실란트

    나사 연결부의 시각적 고정

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    Standard 시리즈

    Zero 시리즈

    Fast Dry 시리즈

    Zero 시리즈

    브러시 마커

    Zero 시리즈

    정밀 마커

    Kaufen Sie Ihren Lack mit Manipulations­schutz



    비즈니스 고객만 이용 가능


    비즈니스 고객만 이용 가능

    Vergleichen Sie unsere Schrauben­sicherungs­lacke

    Viskosität15.000 – 20.000 mPas10.000 – 30.000 mPas20.000 – 30.000 mPas
    VOC-Wert*540 g/L ±20 g/L0 g/L520 g/L ±20 g/L
    Verarbeitungstemperatur-20° C – 35° C2° C – 35° C-20° C – 35° C
    Temperaturstabilität-80° C – 160° C-80° C – 120° C-80° C – 125° C
    pH-Wertca. 8 – 9
    Flammpunkt29° C-4° C
    Staubtrocken nach**ca. 5 minca. 10 minca. 1 min
    Durchgehärtet nach**ca. 24 Stundenca. 12 Stundenca. 24 Stunden
    Dichteca. 1,05 g/cm3ca. 0,98 g/cm3ca. 1,05 g/cm3
    Shelf life6 – 48 Monate6 – 24 Monate6 – 24 Monate

    Super 95
    Testbenzin 135/175
    Spezialbenzin 100/140
    Isopropylalkohol (IPA)
    1-Methoxy-2-Propanol (Dowanol PM)
    Methylethylketon (MEK)
    NaOH-Lösung (0,5 M)
    Skydrol LD4
    Skydrol 5


    당사의 탬퍼 프루프 실란트(밀봉 실란트)는 다양한 용도로 사용할 수 있습니다. 당사 실란트의 제품 침해 방지 효과 대해 자세히 알아보십시오.


    Torque loosening indicator

    Um ein Lösen/Lockern von sicherheitsrelevanten Schraub­verbindungen sofort zu erkennen.


    Visual inspection marker

    Um anzuzeigen, dass eine Schraubverbindung bereits ordnungsgemäß festgezogen oder ein sonstiges Werkstück überprüft/freigegeben wurde.


    Tamper indicator

    Um anzuzeigen, ob Schraub­verbindungen oder Bauteile unberechtigt gelöst wurden. Dies findet oft im Zusammen­hang mit Garantieansprüchen Anwendung.


    Assigment indicator

    Um anzuzeigen, welche Stelle in der Produktionskette als letztes an dem vorliegenden Werkstück gearbeitet hat.



    Um Schraubverbindungen zu sichern.


    완벽한 추가.


    Torque sealant is a varnish that is applied to mechanical fasteners and usually acts as a "visual safety mark" or inspection seal. Torque sealant is available in different colors and in transparent. Most torque sealants currently available on the market are solvent-based but more environmentally friendly variants, for example water-based (VOC-free) torque sealants, have been gaining in importance in recent years as they are much gentler on humans and nature.

    Due to the many different fields of application, there are many different terms that can be assigned to the umbrella term "torque sealant". These include: torque seal; torque seal paint; tamper proof sealant; tamper proof indicator paste; torque inspection seal; torque indicator paste; torque stripe; witness mark; marking ink; screw protection varnish.