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High Precision Marker

Our High Precision Marker is a fluorescent water-based safety paint system (Zero Range) for use on electronic devices. It enables highly precise and clean work on the smallest parts.



Neon Red (dried)

Container and suggested screw sizes

20 ml dropping bottle

M1 - M3

Dangerous goods free





Flow properties


The paint system is relatively thin and has self-levelling flow properties


UV and weather resistant for min. 4 years (elapsed time since start of test)*.

*according to DIN EN ISO 2810

Industry specifications

Boeing Specification BMS8 45 Type II

Rolls-Royce Specification MSRR1102

Bosch-Norm 2580–1

Can be extended with tamper protection



Enables highly precise and clean work on smallest parts

Perfectly suited for labeling/marking a wide variety of workpiece

We are committed to environment and health.

Greenmark® products are made with raw materials that are particularly gentle on people and nature.

The sub-brand Greenmark® comprises all marking systems of Lackfabrik Bäder GmbH & Co. KG, which are free of hazardous substances and have a particularly gentle effect on people and the environment. It is the result of Bäder®'s strategic decision to rely largely on high-performance water-based marking systems for new developments and thus to decisively improve the ecological footprint. The Zero range marks the beginning and will be completed by further high-performance systems this year and in the coming year.

High Precision Marker

Suitable accessories.

We supply an extensive range of accessories to match our torque sealants (tamper proof sealants).


Learn more about our Zero range.

Schraubensicherungslack Zero (aqueous torque sealant) from Lackfabrik Bäder GmbH & Co. KG is the first 100% water-based securing lacquer system that works completely without organic solvents (VOC-free). In addition to its excellent adhesive properties, it has good breaking properties and a drying speed that is phenomenal for water-based systems. Furthermore, it is not a hazardous material, which leads to a significant risk minimization for the user during its processing.

Our Schraubensicherungslack Zero is the essential tool to protect, mark, fill and seal work involving all kinds of screw securing jobs. It is used for quality assurance and to safeguard against manipulation in machine-building, precision-engineering, the automotive industry and electronics.

The traditionally followed approach of Lackfabrik Bäder GmbH & Co. KG to not only develop premium-quality and impeccable products but to also use environmentally and human-friendly materials, has found its climax in our Schraubensicherungslack Zero so far. Without the use of organic solvents (VOC-free), it actively contributes to a more climate-friendly future and also offers a safe alternative to conventional tamper proof sealant systems classified as hazardous substances.

Our Schraubensicherungslack Zero is resistant to water, oil and petrol, as well as to diluted acids and alkalines. It can be used at temperatures up to ca. 90° C. Depending on the application and consumption volume you can receive our tamper proof sealant (torque seal) in 20 ml alloy tubes, 30 ml or 50 ml cartridges or in cans.

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