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Torque sealant

Visual securing of screw connections

Torque sealant

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Schraubensicherungslack Standard Reihe - Alle Gebinde

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Da Schraubensicherungslacke in vielen Fällen als Manipulations-Indikator verwendet werden, ist der Bedarf an fälschungssicheren Schraubensicherungslacken in den letzten Jahren konstant gestiegen.



Available for business customers only


Available for business customers only

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Viscosity15.000 – 20.000 mPas10.000 – 30.000 mPas20.000 – 30.000 mPas
VOC value*540 g/L ±20 g/L0 g/L520 g/L ±20 g/L
Application temperature-20° C – 35° C2° C – 35° C-20° C – 35° C
Temperature stability-80° C – 160° C-80° C – 120° C-80° C – 125° C
pH valueca. 8 – 9
Flashpoint29° C-4° C
Dust-dry after**approx. 5 minapprox. 10 minapprox. 1 min
Fully hardened after**approx. 24 hoursapprox. 12 hoursapprox. 24 hours
Densityca. 1,05 g/cm3ca. 0,98 g/cm3ca. 1,05 g/cm3
Shelf life6 – 48 months6 – 24 months6 – 24 months

Super 95
White spirit 135/175
Special boiling point product 100/140
Isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)
Titanium grease
Hydrochloric acid 0,5 mol/l

* Kann in Abhängigkeit der jeweiligen Farbe geringfügig abweichen. ** Antrockungs- und Durchtrocknungsgeschwindigkeit sind stark abhängig von der Schichtdicke und den Umgebungsbedingungen. Bitte für eigene Anwendung selbst testen.

Application reasons

Our torque sealants can be used in a variety of ways. Learn more about the benefits of securing your product with one of our coatings.


Torque loosening indicator

To immediately recognise any loosening of safety-relevant screw connections.


Visual inspection marker

To indicate that a screw connection has already been properly tightened or another workpiece has been checked.


Tamper indicator

To indicate whether screw connections or components have been loosened without authorisation. This is often used in connection with warranty claims.


Assignment indicator

To indicate which point in the production chain was the last to work on the workpiece in question.



To secure screw connections.


The perfect complement.


Torque sealant is a varnish that is applied to mechanical fasteners and usually acts as a "visual safety mark" or inspection seal. Torque sealant is available in different colors and in transparent. Most torque sealants currently available on the market are solvent-based but more environmentally friendly variants, for example water-based (VOC-free) torque sealants, have been gaining in importance in recent years as they are much gentler on humans and nature.

Due to the many different fields of application, there are many different terms that can be assigned to the umbrella term "torque sealant". These include: torque seal; torque seal paint; tamper proof sealant; tamper proof indicator paste; torque inspection seal; torque indicator paste; torque stripe; witness mark; marking ink; screw protection varnish.

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