Zero Range

  • Without organ­ic solvents
  • Insu­lat­ing
  • Good media res­ist­ance

Schrauben­sicherungs­lack Zero is the indis­pens­able aid for secur­ing, sign­ing, seal­ing, seal­ing and proof of tam­per­ing. It is water-based and not a haz­ard­ous sub­stance.


  • Yel­low


  • Red


  • Blue


  • Green


Available security levels

Packaging sizes

  • Tube 20ml
  • Cart­ridge 30ml / 50ml
  • Can 1kg

Industry specifications

  • Boe­ing-Spe­cific­a­tion BMS8 45 Type II
  • Rolls Royce Spe­cific­a­tion MSRR1102
  • Bosch Norm 2580–1


Zero Range.

Schrauben­sicherungs­lack Zero (aqueous tamper proof seal­ant) from Lack­fab­rik Bäder GmbH & Co. KG is the first 100% water-based secur­ing lac­quer sys­tem that works com­pletely without organ­ic solvents (VOC-free). In addi­tion to its excel­lent adhes­ive prop­er­ties, it has good break­ing prop­er­ties and a dry­ing speed that is phe­nom­en­al for water-based sys­tems. Fur­ther­more, it is not a haz­ard­ous mater­i­al, which leads to a sig­ni­fic­ant risk min­im­iz­a­tion for the user dur­ing its pro­cessing.

Our Schrauben­sicherungs­lack Zero is the essen­tial tool to pro­tect, mark, fill and seal work involving all kinds of screw secur­ing jobs. It is used for qual­ity assur­ance and to safe­guard against manip­u­la­tion in machine-build­ing, pre­ci­sion-engin­eer­ing, the auto­mot­ive industry and elec­tron­ics.

Technology and application.

The tra­di­tion­ally fol­lowed approach of Lack­fab­rik Bäder GmbH & Co. KG to not only devel­op premi­um-qual­ity and impec­cable products but to also use envir­on­ment­ally and human-friendly mater­i­als, has found its cli­max in our Schrauben­sicherungs­lack Zero so far. Without the use of organ­ic solvents (VOC-free), it act­ively con­trib­utes to a more cli­mate-friendly future and also offers a safe altern­at­ive to con­ven­tion­al tamper proof seal­ant sys­tems clas­si­fied as haz­ard­ous sub­stances.

Our Schrauben­sicherungs­lack Zero is res­ist­ant to water, oil and pet­rol, as well as to diluted acids and alkalines. It can be used at tem­per­at­ures up to ca. 90° C. Depend­ing on the applic­a­tion and the quant­ity used, you can obtain our Schrauben­sicherungs­lack Zero in dif­fer­ent types and sizes of con­tain­ers. We offer it in 20 ml tubes, 30 ml and 50 ml cart­ridges as well as in 1 kg cans.

Der Originalitätsschutz für ihre Bauteile.

Schrauben­sicherungs­lack ist unent­behr­lich zum Sich­ern von Schraub­ver­bindun­gen aller Art in Maschinen­bau, Fein­mech­anik, Auto­mobilindus­trie und Elektronik.

Schrauben­sicherungs­lack schützt Ihre Qual­ität­sarbeit vor Manip­u­la­tion­en durch Nach­weis unberechtigten Lösens von Schrauben und Ver­bindun­gen.

Schrauben­sicherungs­lack dok­u­mentiert Ihre Qual­itäts­sicher­ung, Fer­ti­gung­skon­trolle und Produk­t­prü­fung durch ein Lack­siegel.

Different security in three levels.

Depend­ing on your needs you can use the Zero range in the secur­ity levels Basic, Secure and Topse­cure (BäderIdent®)

Order our Schraubensicherungslack Zero (aqueous tamper proof sealant) .

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